The Collegiate Player was created we were tired of the flashy, contemporary collegiate apparel that makes up the majority of the market today.  Some would say that we're “old school”, and we wanted to implement that style into my design of collegiate apparel, thus The Collegiate Player was created in 2014. The vision of The Collegiate Player is to incorporate two different themes into every product designed: retro and the great outdoors.

After graduating college in the southeast at the foothills of the Appalachian Mountains and beginning my career as a civil engineer, I began spending more and more time working, and less time pursuing my greatest passion – exploring the great outdoors.  I moved to Denver, Colorado to pursue that passion and decided to start The Collegiate Player in an effort to produce products that help my customers take a step back into the good ole days and slow down a bit. As an avid sports fan, I wanted to incorporate my passion for collegiate sports with nature and an old school mentality.   My hope is that my products can motivate you to slow down, because life is short and sweet for certain, and go on a hike while representing your favorite college team.

We work with high quality manufacturers to provide the best vintage collegiate products, which are embroidered right here in Colorado.  If you’re ever in the Denver area, feel free to shoot me an email with any questions.


In 2018, The Collegiate Player plans to add several different more styles and products to our inventory that fit the retro and outdoors theme.   Currently, our focus is in headwear, but products will continue to be added that go far and beyond the world of headwear. Please be sure to visit us in the future to see what might be in store for you!